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Take a virtual tour of Cunard Line MS Queen Victoria Cruise Ships

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Cunard Line MS Queen Victoria Cruise Ships

Take a virtual tour of Cunard Line MS Queen Victoria Cruise Ships

360° virtual tour of Cunard’s MS Queen Victoria, Pan 3Sixty is among the finest 360 Virtual Tour creators on the web. The Cunard Line's MS Queen Victoria is shown here in complete form - we salute this work of art.

Virtual Tour Features

  • Full Screen Panoramas
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

In 2007 Pan 3Sixty was commissioned to produce a 360° virtual tour of the Cunard’s latest Queen, MS Queen Victoria.

With the virtual tour set to go live on the day of Queen Victoria’s maiden voyage, we photographed the ship whilst she was still under construction in Italy and at sea bound for Southampton. In addition to overcoming the technical challenges of photographing with models in a demanding environment, we worked round the clock to capture each location when it looked its best, not matter what hour of the day or night. A digital darkroom was set up on board so that panorama processing and retouching work could start immediately, and also enable the client to work closely with us in the post production stage to make sure the panoramas looked just the way they wanted.  

We created forty 360° panoramas of the highest standard to convey the true feeling of luxury found on the ship. From the spectacular Grand Lobby rising over three decks to the luxurious Staterooms, from dining to relaxation, from fitness to entertainment, all aspects of the ship were carefully considered, skillfully photographed and incorporated into the virtual tour in time for the deadline.

The Queen Victoria virtual tour was an overwhelming success on its launch, receiving 90,000 unique visits in the three months alone, rising to just under 200,000 in the first six months. It set new standard for cruise ship virtual tours and differentiated Cunard from the competition by enabling their customers to get a real feeling for the ship prior to making a booking.

Following on from the success of the Queen Victoria virtual tour, Pan 3Sixty were commissioned again the following year to create a new virtual tour for Cunard’s flag ship, Queen Mary 2.


We relish the opportunity to create new and innovative virtual tours for the cruise industry. If you are interested in our work, please call us on 0845 644 3605 to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.